Quality Assurance

bugs, bugs, bugs

Individual milestones are established to test our work during the entire build phase. These checkpoints help us establish and fix any issues we may have along the way.


When all the content provided by our clients is put in place and is viewable in a test version of the website, varying types of errors will be found. This may be for a number of reasons. How the text wraps is a very good example of this. Reading copy from a book is very different from reading the same copy on a website. This is explained further in our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) section.

Content Heavy offers comments and suggestions on all web content provided. This includes grammar, spelling and copy length.

change requests

When the website is finished being built a test version is posted for our clients to view. This is where both parties completely test the experience from top to bottom. Any further updates in the functionality, copy, or web design are noted and then amended before signed off.