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Who We Are

Content Heavy is a website design and search engine optimization (SEO) services provider.

With years of experience working on digital tools for clients like Nissan, Hyatt and WestJet we're very excited to apply that knowledge to our clients in the small-to-medium business space. Enhancing the web experience quality for those with smaller budgets has always been our goal. All businesses, big or small, can be represented professionally online. We can help!


Content Heavy will meet to discuss your overall needs and wants. Your brand is then conceptualized while also considering all potential goals of the project. Suggestions and solutions are offered to accomplish your vision while maintaining a high level of collaboration throughout the entire process.

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Content heavy has a simple, clear, and well-defined plan on what needs to be accomplished with any given web project. No unnecessary scope and/or cost to our clients is added. This way of thinking is applied to all our web design, development and content deliverables. Our workload stays light and focused, which benefits everyone.

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The information that has been defined is now moved further into reality. A visual representation and website structure is formed. This design will demonstrate what the finished website will look like in regards to specific colors, navigation and page structure. In addition we demonstrate how your new website will look on the wide range of desktop, tablets and mobile devices.

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This is the technical step where all the nuts and bolts are put together. Your web design concepts are translated to actual code that makes the website function. In most cases this stage can be the lengthiest, so our clients are always kept informed on the status of each project task.

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Time to show the world your brand new digital addition to your business! Share your newly completed website project with family, friends and through all social media channels. At this point everyone should be aware of your business offerings. We make sure you are fully functional and live!

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Creating a website user experience for your visitors is not an exact science, but paying attention to specific performance metrics can give your business guidance towards engaging your potential customers. We will help you determine these performance indicators so you can take advantage of success areas and improve on others.

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Featured Work

Here are some of our past and upcoming website design projects.

VZFOX Canada Engineering

Website Build

Project Link

Calgary engineering company, VZFOX Canada Engineering is a part of VZFOX Canada Ltd. (pronounced "vez-fox") group of companies focused in providing Reservoir Engineering and Management expertise to the Oil & Gas sector worldwide.


Wave Energy Ltd.

Website Build

Project Link

Calgary oil & gas company that used pioneering multi-stage horizontal fracturing technology was the key that opened the door to a significant resource in the Shaunavon area.

LaZeeZa Pub & Pizza

Website Build

Project Link

Calgary neighborhood pizza & pub is simple and enjoyable place for great food and drinks. We are famous for our pizza and many other pub eat in or take out goodness.


Live It

Branding + Website Design

Project Link

Calgary health and wellness specialists.

Labour Market Development

Branding + Website Design

Project Link

The Labour Market Development (LMD) Unit was formed by Métis Nation of Alberta (MNA) in 1999 and was given the mandate to design and deliver labour market programs for non-Settlement Métis in fulfillment of the Métis Human Resources Development Agreement (MHRDA).

Coral Hill Energy Ltd.

Branding + Website Design

Project Link

Calgary oil & gas company that offers crude oil, natural gas, liquefied natural gas, and other oil products. Coral Hill Energy serves customers in Canada.

City Carpets Ltd.

Website Design

Project Link

City Carpets Ltd. is Calgary based flooring company serving major Alberta Builders since 2003.


Website Design

Project Link

Calgary I.T. Contractor, CAPABIL-IT, is uniquely able to offer a rounded approach by combining the personalized services of a recruiting firm, with the breadth and expertise of an IT solutions provider.

dbi systems integration inc.

Digital Creative Concepts

Project Link

Calgary sound integration specializing in audio, video & stage lighting solutions for all types of commercial venues.


Responsive Website Build

Project Link

Covid Alberta Canada

Data & Visualization COVID-19 Service

Project Link

The Covid Alberta Data service provides transparent, visual and simplified forecasting data related to the Covid-19 pandemic in Alberta and other provinces in Canada.


Say Whaaat?

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Eric Hughes Chief Financial Officer, Wave Energy Ltd.
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Julie Sabey Content Strategist & Copywriter, SabeyJ Consulting Inc.
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Rob Sawchuk Owner, Turkey & Pistols Inc. Former Creative Director, Evans Hunt - Digital Marketing Agency
Author image
Chrissie Graboski Group Strategy Director, Critical Mass - Experience Design Agency
Author image
Marc Miller Digital Optimization Analyst, WestJet
Author image
Shannon Ross Owner, Calgary Homeopathic Doctor

What We Do

We have everything you need to launch, advertise and promote your business online.

Our goal is to create simple, yet not simplistic, professional websites that have a high level of usability, useful content and mobile friendliness. Less is more.

Content Strategy

We focus on the planning, creation and delivery of all content! This material not only includes the words on the page but any multimedia assets from images to sound. Ensuring that you have useful content, that is well structured, and easily found is key to a positive user experience.

Web Development

The code is the foundation of any website. A well-developed website will not only look good but will perform well for your visitors. Content Heavy can handle all of the creating, building and maintaining of your business website.

Search Engine Optimization

Writing up to date, very clear, concise and relevant content for your website is some of the most important factors that allow people to find your business online. Content Heavy helps all of our clients create content that is meaningful, rich and properly structured.

Interface Design

Content Heavy will explore and create all the visual elements of your digital experience. The resulting brand vision is then translated into your website. The goal here is an interface that is consistent, clear, intuitive and very responsive.

Brand Creation

We aim to create a brand identity experience that encourages potential clients to engage with you. We help you be sure that the messaging around your product or service creates an appeal.

Mobile App Development

Have the next great app idea? Don't know where to start? Give us a shout and if we cannot help you we have friends who can.

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Complete solutions starting as low as $1495.


Very proud father, owner, web guy, sneaker junky & avid golfer. I have worked directly with a client roster that includes the Calgary Flames, Mercedes Benz USA, Hyatt, Nissan USA, Paysafe (formerly Optimal Payments) and WestJet. I look forward to sharing those positive experiences with your everyday small-to-medium businesses. A lot of success can be achieved by doing the little things very well.

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